Tanoura Belly Dancers

Spectacular performance by the Tanoura dancers in Delhi -

Artist Management Company for organizing different events

Belly Dance Show is an artist management company that organizes several shows and events. The services provided by the company helps the artists to have a stable growth in their career. The professionals of the company help the clients in taking personal decisions, help in solving professional matters. The staff members of the company are highly talented and offer the best quality services to the client as per the requirement of the client.

Highly energetic Tanoura dancers in Delhi

The Belly Dance Show arranges for Tanoura Dancers in Delhi for participating in events and shows. Tanoura is a famous dance form of Egypt. It is a folk type of dance form mostly performed nu men. Sufi music is used for tanoura dance. The meaning of tanoura is long multi-coloured skirt. The men wear the long colorful skirts and spin continuously and create an artistic effect. Belly Dance show organizes Tanoura dance shows for any precious events on request from the clients. The dancers are also arranges for performing in weddings, personal events, corporate events as well as any private promotional event.

For availing the services provided by the Belly dance Show and to know more about the events, shows and artist one can easily contact the professionals by calling at their respective numbers. The professionals will show pictures as well as videos of the event so that the client can choose according to their requirement.

Most effective service is provided by the highly dedicated staff members. The main motive of the company is client’s satisfaction so special attention is given in organizing the events as per the requirement of the client. The services are well managed, controlled and executed from the beginning of the show till the end of the show.


Our dancers are VERY GORGEOUS, PROFESSIONAL DANCERS and have performed many shows in All Over INDIA. We are direct, exclusive and have contract with artists, so you get good price with niche quality :)